7 Tips for a Great Canoe or Kayak Trip

7 Tips for a Great Canoe or Kayak Trip

As temperatures warm and the sun shines brighter, thoughts turn to outdoor adventure. There is no better way to enjoy the beauty of nature in its summer splendor than canoeing or kayaking on a sparkling river. If you are thinking about a canoe or kayak trip but don’t have a lot of experience in trip planning, we have 7 tips to help you plan a great river adventure!

1. Choose the right canoe or kayak

If you are new to river sports, chances are you do not yet own a canoe or kayak. Rental is a great option, and gives you the opportunity to “test run” before you make a purchase. Make sure that your canoe rental or kayak rental source provides a quality selection of newer watercraft.

2. Determine a trip plan to follow

It is very important to know where you are going and what to expect on your river trip. Whether canoeing or kayaking, your trip will be better if it is planned. Good river rental companies take care of most of this, as they transport you to the trip start, and you float back to your where your car is parked.

3. Plan a trip that will be right for your group

When planning a canoe or kayaking trip it is important to consider the group. Each member of the group will have varying interests and levels of endurance. If the goal of the trip is to bring together a particular group of people, plan a trip that will be enjoyable for all participants.  If in doubt, choose a shorter trip.

4. Equip for the trip

Make sure you have not only the essential gear, such as paddles and life jackets, but also other items to make your trip more worry-free and comfortable. Bring items such as water, snacks, and sunscreen – plastic zip lock bags are great for keeping items dry. Tie your cooler and supply bag closed and attach it to your canoe or kayak with a piece of Nylon rope, just in case you tip.

5. Plan out the logistics – driving to the launch, etc.

Have everyone in your group meet at the trip ending point or takeout, and then carpool to the trip starting point or launch location. Good canoe and kayak rental services  include transportation in the rental cost. Plan stop times for lunch, swimming, or site seeing before you get in the water so everyone is on the same schedule.

6. Check river conditions before the trip

Take a look at the weather forecast on the morning of your trip to make sure you will not have any surprises. Check on the river conditions and river levels as well. If you are renting canoes or kayaks, your rental company will have the information you need.

7. Have fun once you are on the water, but also BE SAFE

Follow the best practices for safety and river etiquette. Steer clear of swimmers, fisherman, and others who are enjoying the river. Wear your lifejacket at all times so that you are safe in any situation. Relax and enjoy your time on the river, but make sure you are always paying attention to your surroundings and watch for hazards so you can avoid them.

River levels on the Little Miami
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