When do we open for canoe, kayak and raft trips?

Kayak Trip on the Little Miami RiverA frequently asked question is; when do we open for canoe, kayak and raft trips at RiversEdge Canoe and Kayak Outfitters. The open date is entirely dependent on the weather and river conditions. We need an extended warm up period of about 7 days, not too much rainfall, and we will be ready to open. A minimum combined air and river water temperature of 110 degrees is required. Yesterday the water temperature in the river dropped to 40 degrees at night and warmed up to about 49 degrees during the day. Since RiversEdge has a minimum of 110 degrees of combined air and water temperature to offer trips, we are close. While 110 is the minimum, we are more comfortable when the river water is approximately 55 degrees and have a minimum of 120 combined air and water. If you happen to get wet, with the water at or above 55 and the air at or above 65 most people will still have an enjoyable outing, especially if they are wearing the personal flotation device (life jacket) that we provide.

There is also the factor of river level that will enter into the decision to open, basically it cannot be much above 4 feet on the Spring Valley Gauge, although the level varies a bit for canoes, kayaks and rafts. Please see the “What do river levels mean” post for details on river levels.

The final factor is the condition of the river as far as obstructions. While we are clearing the river of trees all through the late Winter and Spring, there are occasionally trees in a difficult area of the river that requires waiting until the level is low enough to work on.

We hope this helps explain the rationale that goes into when we can open for canoe trips, kayak trips and raft trips, and hope to see you soon in a canoe, kayak or raft on the beautiful Little Miami River!

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River levels on the Little Miami
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