The Fitness Benefits of Canoeing or Kayaking

paddle1When we think of reasons to canoe and kayak, we often think of fun and recreation. In addition to these motivations, the process of paddling also offers some serious fitness benefits that will contribute to a stronger and healthier you.

Overall, paddling is a fantastic activity for building strength and endurance. Unlike the typical gym experience, canoeing and kayaking provide amazing scenery, the exhilaration of fresh air and water, and the excitement of an ever-changing and challenging workout. Specific paddling benefits include:

Abdominal Core Strength

As a workout for the core, paddling is one of the best you can imagine. The upper and lower abdominal muscles of the core are strengthened by the turning and moving you do as you paddle. In developing your core muscle strength, you will gain balance and stability, which in turn reduces strain on your back.

Building/Toning Shoulder and Arm Strength

Paddling is a great way to build arm and shoulder strength because of the continuous motion and water resistance. Since paddling a kayak or canoe requires precision and control, it is a great form of strength training without the stress and strain of other high impact sports.

Cardio Conditioning

Paddling is a continuous motion activity that is great for raising the heart rate, enhancing cardiovascular health, and burning calories. Depending on the wind and river conditions, canoeing and kayaking can be a good interval training workout, with periods of hard paddling and periods of rest.

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Bald Eagles are Back!

Not too long ago, Bald Eagles nearly became extinct.  Now they’ve made a comeback and we even have some nesting along the Little Miami River near RiversEdge Outfitters.  On your next trip here, keep an eye on the sky and you just might see them . . .

Kayak or Canoe? How to Decide on the Right Watercraft


If you are looking for a fun summer outing, a paddling trip could be just the thing. River trips can be planned as a half day or full day adventure. You can set the pace at whatever level you’d like – for thrill and excitement or tranquil relaxation.

The two popular paddling watercraft choices are kayaks and canoes. While both have much in common as fun water sports, kayaking and canoeing do have differences. Considering the type of outing you would like to plan will help you decide whether to kayak or canoe.


If you are looking for a fast paced ride through rougher waters, or just a calm paddle across a placid lake, kayaks are a good choice. Kayaks are quick and tend to be a little easier for a novice to maneuver. One of the confusing things about kayaks for many people is the difference between a whitewater type kayak and a recreational kayak. Recreational kayaks are much more stable, have comfortable seats, and are suitable for novices to use. White water kayaks usually require some training before you hit the river. We only use stable, recreational kayaks. If you plan to paddle alone, a kayak will be much more manageable. Make sure you are comfortable, not only on the water, but also in the water. The kayak is also the most stable of all watercraft, partly due to a low center of gravity.


Do your trip plans include stopping for a picnic or fishing? If you will have a lot of gear, a canoe is your best bet, as it contains ample storage. A canoe is the ideal craft for families, and we have canoes with 3 seats. A center seat for 1 or 2 small children works great. If the weather happens to be a little on the cool side, a canoe trip will probably be more enjoyable, since you tend to not get as wet when you canoe. You should also consider the course you plan to paddle.

Whether you choose to kayak or canoe, with the proper planning, you’re sure to have an amazing time on your water adventure!

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