In this video, RiversEdge staff talks about kayak rentals on the Little Miami River.

Kayak Rental

Ready for an amazing kayak river adventure?  You have come to the right place! Kayak rental at RiversEdge Outfitters Canoe & Kayak equips you with everything you need to enjoy a great excursion on the Little Miami River. Owned and operated by two generations of river sport enthusiasts, RiversEdge is a family business. Our goal is to provide you with the ultimate kayak rental and excursion experience for a price you can afford. We are committed to offering you the area's best equipment and facilities, along with excellent service that reflects years of kayak rental experience. RiversEdge kayak rental includes:
  • Use of our higher quality kayaks, paddles, and life jackets
  • Transportation to starting point at the start of trip, so you can take your time floating back to where your car is parked and not worry about waiting to get picked up after trip
  • Free-to-use picnic areas
  • Plenty of beautiful scenery on the State and National Scenic Little Miami River and great memories
Plan ahead by making your kayak rental reservations and payments online, so you can get right to your adventure when you arrive at RiversEdge. canoe and kayak You can also make a reservation with no advance payment required by using the contact us page or calling 937-903-6468.

Making the Most of Your Kayak Rental Experience

It is a good idea to get acquainted with kayak safety and best practices before embarking on your kayak rental adventure. RiversEdge equips you for your kayaking experience with the necessary equipment. It is also wise to familiarize yourself with kayaking terminology and potential kayaking hazards such as:
  • Current – The flow of the water is referred to as its current. Current can range from calm and slow to fast and turbulent, depending on volume, depth, and channel width.
    • Current is directly affected by the rivel level which we monitor ever day using National Water Information System tool provided by the United States Geological Survey (USGS). Learn what river levels can mean for your next adventure by reading out informative blog post: What Do River Levels Mean for Canoe and Kayak Rental.
  • Rapids – Rapids result from water flowing over an obstruction, usually formed by boulders below the surface.
  • Sweeper – Sweepers are low hanging branches that can sweep a paddler from the boat.
  • Strainer – Strainers are underwater obstacles, which can act like a sieve that keeps objects and people from passing through.
RiversEdge staff makes all attempts to keep the river as free of the sweepers and strainers, and the Little Miami has mostly small rapids and a great, consistent current in our section of river. The experienced team at RiversEdge will prepare you with the knowledge you need to enjoy a fun kayaking experience. IMG_20140920_111503880_HDR

More About Kayaks

Kayaks traditionally consist of a covered deck and one or more cockpits, each seating one paddler.  The word "kayak" comes from the Greenlandic Inuktitut word 'qajaq'. Kayaks were originally developed by native Alaskans, including the Inuit, Yup'ik, and Aleut peoples. Kayaks were used to hunt on inland lakes, rivers and coastal waters. These first kayaks were comprised of stitched animal skins stretched over a wood or whalebone-skeleton frame. Today, most kayaks are made of plastic materials. RiversEdge offers many new models for kayak rental, from only the best names, including Necky, Wilderness Systems, Jackson and Old Town kayaks. Our goal is to offer you the ultimate kayak rental from the very best kayak fleet on the river. Check out our video that shows the different types of kayaks we offer.

Kayak Paddling Tips

Paddle with Your Core - The biggest mistake new paddlers can make is to use an arms only approach. By incorporating your powerful core torso muscles, you will generate greater force and increase your endurance. Relax Your Grip - Many new paddlers grip the kayak paddle shaft much too tightly. An extremely tight grip can cause many problems, such as joint pain, wrist and elbow injuries, forearm cramps, and quick fatigue. Experienced paddlers always maintain a relaxed grip, especially during long-distance paddling. Increase Your Angle - Paddling angle refers to how high the paddle is held during each stroke. While high angle paddling may initially seem more taxing, a higher angle keeps your paddles closer to the kayak, so you generate more power and need less energy overall.   Kayaking on the Little Miami at RiversEdge Canoe & Kayak Outfitters is suitable for almost anyone, including folks who have never been in a kayak before!

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Great river level and weather for today through the weekend! Hope to see you on the river!
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Great river level and weather for today through the weekend!  Hope to see you on the river!

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Can't beat a day on the river!! Especially since summer has finally arrived! Pics of our recent great customers.
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Cant beat a day on the river!!  Especially since summer has finally arrived!  Pics of our recent great customers.

Great river and weather conditions for today, Saturday and Sunday. Trips every hour 10 - 4. Good to arrive about 45 minutes prior to the trip departure time. Hope to see you on the river! ... See MoreSee Less

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Trips every hour 10 - 4. River is at a great level for canoe, kayaks and rafts!
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Trips every hour 10 - 4. River is at a great level for canoe,  kayaks and rafts!

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Waiting to see if rain stops, opening time moved to 12 noon, today, Monday August 7th. Thanks. ... See MoreSee Less

Perfect river conditions and beautiful sunny days should be spent on the Little Miami! ... See MoreSee Less

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Great conditions for a canoe, kayak or raft trip! Trips every hour 10 - 4 , 7 days a week. ... See MoreSee Less

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Water fights!!!
We're all about having fun, but...
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Water fights!!!
River levels on the Little Miami
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