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REMap_lgReady to get started on your canoe, kayak or rafting adventure on the Little Miami River? This is the place! You can even make reservations and payments online so you don’t have to wait in line when you arrive at RiversEdge. If you choose you can still make a reservation and not pay in advance by using the “contact us” page or just calling 937-903-6468.

We feel we are the best value for one big reason: Our prices are similar to our competitors, but we only use the best quality canoes, kayaks and rafts. Plus, we take great pride in giving you a first grade facility. Our goal is to offer the best service, equipment and facilities available.

And don’t forget – our trips leave on the hour, so please arrive 30-45 minutes early to allow time for paperwork and other preparations. And make your pre-trip preparation the quickest and easiest, come with your waiver already filled out. You can get a copy of the waiver by clicking here .


Our Canoe, Kayak and Raft Trips

We offer three canoe and kayak rental trips to meet your needs – Blue Jacket’s Best, Kenton’s Run and Tecumseh’s Trace. We also also have rafts available on the Blue Jacket’s Best trip.

Owner Rhett Rohrer takes a look at each of the three trips in this video.

Each trip offers something for every level of interest and ability, whether you want an all-day canoeing or kayaking adventure, or a shorter rafting trip, you’ll find it here.

Blue Jacket’s Best

Description Our shortest – and most popular – trip, 3.5 miles, which takes 1.5 to 3 hours to complete. Starts in Spring Valley.
Departures 10am to 4pm 7 days/week
Pricing Canoes: 1-4 canoes rented, $38 per canoe; 5-9 canoes rented and paid by single payer- $34 per canoe; 10 or more canoes rented and paid by single payer- $30 per canoe.

Book Canoe

Kayaks: $27

Book Kayak

Small raft $57 – up to 3 adults – 4th adult – $19

Book Raft

large raft $76 – up to 4 adults – each additional adult – $19

Book Raft

Children do not add to the cost of raft once basic rate is met ( 2 adults and 2 children in a small raft is the basic rate of $57) (4 adults and 4 children in a large raft is the basic rate of $76)


Kenton’s Run

Description Our midrange trip, 9 miles, which will take 3 to 5 hours to complete. Starts in Bellbrook at Washington Mill.
Departures 10am to 1pm 7 days/week
Pricing Canoes: 1-4 canoes rented – $43 per canoe; 5-9 canoes rented and paid by single payer – $39 per canoe; 10 or canoes rented and paid by single payer – $34 per canoe.

Book Canoe

Kayaks: $32

Book Kayak

Rafts: Not available on Kenton’s Run as the distance is too long for a raft.


Tecumseh’s Trace

Description Our longest trip, 13 miles, which will take 5 to 8 hours to complete. Starts in Beavercreek at Narrows Reserve. Reservations are required if you’d like to navigate Tecumseh’s Trace.
Departures 9am and only with a reservation and a 2 boat minimum.  A single kayak can reserve as long as we have at least 2 boats total.
Pricing Canoes: 1-4 canoes rented – $53 per canoe; 5-9 canoes rented and paid by single payer – $48 per canoe; 10 or more canoes rented and paid by single payer – $42 per canoe.

Book Canoe

Kayaks: $37

Book Kayak

Rafts: Not available on Tecumseh’s Trace as the distance is too long for a raft.


What’s Included In the Price

Here’s what you get when you book a trip with RiversEdge Outfitters:

  • Use of high quality canoes or kayaks, paddles and life jackets
  • Transportation to your starting point, so you can float back to your vehicle and not wait to get picked up after trip
  • Free use of picnic areas
  • The most remote and scenic section of the Little Miami River
  • RiversEdge Outfitters adjoins the 800 acre Spring Valley Wildlife Area

About Our Canoes

Our canoes are top quality Old Town, Wenonah, Mad River or Paluski plastic composite canoes. These are great canoes that some of our competitors will only let you have if you pay more than their published rates. If you don’t pay their premium price, you’ll get an old-fashioned aluminum canoe – the kind that RiversEdge stopped using over 15 years ago!

About Our Kayaks

Thinking about a kayak trip? We have many brand-new Necky, Wilderness Systems, Jackson and Old Town kayaks. We think our kayak fleet is the very best kayak fleet on the river.

Some More Detail


  • Prices are per boat
  • Two or three adults per canoe maximum – when there are 3 adults in a canoe the total weight cannot exceed 500lbs
  • We provide a comfortable seat for a third person in the canoe, which may include a boat cushion for children or a removable center seat. We are also offering the Paluski canoe with a third seat built in. Third person in canoe charge of $19 applies
  • Children, up to age 18, always ride free with parents in the same canoe

About Paddling Times

Remember – all paddling times given are approximate and will vary according to weather and water conditions. You may spend as long as you like paddling and enjoying your trip, but we require all one day trips to be in no later than 6:30 p.m.

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I Love Boating
This is a bit slow in the beginning but it ends up pretty good!
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1 Canoe, 6 People and a Steep Hill. Sounds fun. Would you try it?

I Love Boating

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RiversEdge OutfittersThanks Vicki!2 weeks ago   ·  1
Roni Camp PridemoreSo funny glad it worked out2 weeks ago
Shawn CookWow that had disaster written all over it. Ice cold water, no life jackets, no paddles apparently. Fun? Maybe. Dumbasses? Yes. Scott Cook2 weeks ago   ·  1
Scott CookOh god!! That looked bad!! 5 people in a canoe sliding into icy water. Can't believe it didn't tip2 weeks ago
RiversEdge OutfittersYeah, I would say they were lucky!2 weeks ago   ·  1
Rhett RohrerWe were lucky as well! Rhett Rohrer RiversEdge Canoe 3928 South State Route 42 Waynesville, OH 45068 (937)-903-64682 weeks ago

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Here's the last of the "high water " videos. All back to normal! ... See MoreSee Less

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Day 3 of the high water video's , the river level has dropped from 11 feet yesterday to 7.5 feet today. Still about 3 feet from a good padding level! ... See MoreSee Less

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Patricia Deak BlouchWell, now I have to park like a normal human, not @the highway!!!1 month ago
Vicki HiteLets go1 month ago
Shawn CookDo you guys ever jump in a kayak and give the river a try when it's fast like that?1 month ago
Vicki HiteLet's not go1 month ago
Scott CookNever knew about a gag reflex in cold water causing drownings, but it makes perfect sense. I have felt that when I've jumped into cold water.1 month ago

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Update video 1 day later from the same spot on the riverbank at RiversEdge Canoe & Kayak Outfitters. ... See MoreSee Less

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Stefanie BoydWow.1 month ago
Katy PaigeHoly shizza1 month ago
Kenneth ChristensenTiffany1 month ago   ·  1
Doug StorerIt has crested at 11 ft, its now coming down!1 month ago   ·  1
RiversEdge OutfittersThanks for all the great comments! We will post another update when conditions change.1 month ago
Shawn CookThat is crazy for this time of year.1 month ago
TJ Tharpe-AshleyMark Tharpe did you see this1 month ago
Mark TharpeYeah. I seen both videos.1 month ago
Warren County Historical SocietyWe had a lot of rain for sure!1 month ago
RiversEdge OutfittersWe did have over 4 inches of rain in some areas, and this time of year there is more runoff due to less foliage and crop fields are bare. One more update video to come later this morning.1 month ago

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River's Up
I thought the river level might be of interest, so here's a quick video from this morning.
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River's Up

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Vicki HiteWow. I was wondering1 month ago
Shirley Hall KellerWow!1 month ago
Janice HarnerWhere is this.?1 month ago
Todd QvickSo your not open today ?1 month ago   ·  3
Kathy YoungWoe!!!!!1 month ago
Katherine ShonkwilerYou would definitely get down the river pretty quickly.1 month ago   ·  3
Mark TharpeTosha Tharpe that's where we were going to go.1 month ago
Tosha TharpeWow thats crazy1 month ago
RiversEdge OutfittersThis is actually fairly typical once or twice during the Winter. We are hoping that the additional rain later today doesn't raise it much more.1 month ago   ·  2
Patricia Deak BlouchHey! Where's my parking spot??? 😉1 month ago
TJ Tharpe-AshleyCrazy. .1 month ago
Shawn CookThat may be the highest I've seen it in one of your posts.1 month ago
Dianna Rohrer DeeterThat's crazy Rhett Rohrer! Stay dry! Give my love to Uncle Burt and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!1 month ago
Susan Franklund-MorgannWow! Thanks for sharing!1 month ago
Ann Erbaugh TeaterLooks like that down here, too, Barbara Miller Ballard.1 month ago   ·  1
Susie RymanLooks like the MADRIVER!!!! I don't think the Indians would have attempted this water.1 month ago
RiversEdge OutfittersCheck out the update video from 1 day later!1 month ago   ·  1
Janice HarnerThat is unreal. ....1 month ago
Mark TharpeBest place to go! Been there so many times. Great people! Great memories!1 month ago   ·  1
Jenny TeckenbrockLoriejean Jackson Morrissey looks like perfect fishing waters to me lol1 month ago   ·  1
Loriejean Jackson MorrisseyLol.. Jenny Teckenbrock..Live from rivers edge..good times..💋❤1 month ago

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Photos from RiversEdge Outfitters's post (2 photos) ... See MoreSee Less

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Thanks to all who have served! ... See MoreSee Less

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Santa came to RiversEdge early this year!! Lots of new sit on top & sit in kayaks & new paddles & life jackets for this upcoming season! ... See MoreSee Less

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Picture of our last customers of the season. Patti and family braving the chilly conditions. ... See MoreSee Less

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Patricia Deak BlouchRhett Rohrer: you are just the BEST! Always a pleasure to see you and chat. See you in the spring after ski season! :)3 months ago

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River levels on the Little Miami
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