Due to insurance restrictions we cannot allow dogs on our property at RiversEdge.
  • Use of high quality canoes or kayaks, paddles and life jackets
  • Transportation to your starting point, so you can float back to your vehicle and not wait to get picked up after trip
  • Free use of picnic areas
  • The most remote and scenic section of the Little Miami River
  • RiversEdge Outfitters adjoins the 800 acre Spring Valley Wildlife Area
We highly discourage the consumption of alcohol on the river, and you need to know that you can be ticketed on any river in Ohio for an open container violation. Occasionally there are Water Craft Officers on the river that will ticket you for having an open container of alcohol. We also will refuse to rent to anyone who has rented watercraft from us previously and returned intoxicated and disorderly.
The minimum age is 3 years of age and/or 30 pounds. Our smallest life jacket will fit a child 30-50 pounds.
Yes, we accept Mastercard, Visa, and Discover. You can also make your reservation online, including making payment.
We close at 6:30 pm, our last trip is at 4:00 pm and we require that you return by the closing time of 6:30 pm. A late fee of $10.00 per boat, per half hour will be charged. Please keep in mind that our staff does this seven days a week, and would like to leave at normal closing time to spend time with their families and prepare for the next day.
You should leave all valuables in your vehicle or at home. Jewelry is highly discouraged because it can slip or come off if you enter the water and will be lost. You should have a good pair of water shoes because there is a possibility of stepping on sharp rocks while on your trip, we do have water shoes available to purchase. Coolers are okay if you want to take a lunch and have a picnic on one of the many beaches however, we ask that the cooler not be Styrofoam and be medium size to fit in most boats. Glass containers are not allowed. Car keys should not be taken on the river! We have a key rack you may leave your keys on while you are on the river.
The large raft can hold about 5-6 adults of moderate weight, a few more if some are children. The smaller raft is great for up to 4 adults or a family group of a few more with small children.
Most of our canoes are designed for two people. We do have special canoes with a third seat in the middle. This allows three moderate weight adults to comfortably fit in the same canoe – total weight of the three should not to exceed 500 pounds. The same 3rd seat canoe will work great for 1 or 2 children to sit in the middle of the canoe with 2 adults.
Most of our kayaks are designed for one person. We do have tandem kayaks that are designed for two people.
Due to insurance restrictions we are not allowed to transport privately owned watercraft on our vehicles, or allow any privately owned watercraft on the property. We cannot allow privately owned watercraft to exit at our takeout. We cannot allow the parking of any vehicles at RiversEdge that are transporting privately owned watercraft. We do want all boat owners to be able to experience to beauty of the Little Miami River by accessing the river at the many public access points. Just 1/3 of a mile above RiversEdge is a public access with a concrete boat ramp, and great parking. This is the access that you should use to float our section of river. It is the Spring Valley Wildlife Area river access located on Roxanna Road, just off of Route 42.
Yes, reservations are required because they allow us to limit the number of people on a give hour and offer the best service possible.
Every time that you float with RiversEdge you are helping conserve the Little Miami River! We donate $1 for each boat rented to the Little Miami Conservancy!

With 2 paying adults in a canoe or a small raft, children under 12 are no cost. Canoes, tandem kayaks and small raft all require 2 paid persons. A large raft requires 3 paid persons, and then children under 12 are no cost.

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3928 US 42, Waynesville, OH, 45068 (Search for RiversEdge in your GPS, do not use numerical address. We are NORTH of Waynesville)

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