Dayton Canoe and Kayak Rental

Experience the Little Miami With Dayton Kayak & Canoe Rental

Looking to immerse yourself in the untouched beauty of the Little Miami River? At RiversEdge Outfitters, we offer exceptional Dayton kayak and canoe rentals, providing you with the perfect opportunity to explore this scenic gem.

Located just 30 minutes from downtown Dayton, our pristine facilities, including flush toilets and changing rooms, ensure your comfort throughout your adventure. Let the tranquil waters of the Little Miami River wash away your worries as you embark on an unforgettable nature-filled escape. Experience the serenity and enchantment that awaits you at RiversEdge Outfitters. Contact us today to book the adventure of a lifetime.

Serenity Within Reach

Conveniently located only 30 minutes from downtown Dayton, RiversEdge offers a quick and easy escape from the city. Leave behind the urban chaos and immerse yourself in the tranquility of the Little Miami River.

  • Take US-35 E from Dayton
  • Take exit 51 A to merge onto US-42 S toward Lebanon
  • Take US-42 S for 8 miles and we will be located on the left

Unleash Your Adventurous Spirit With Dayton Kayak Rentals

Experience the thrill of gliding through the crystal-clear waters of the Little Miami River with Dayton kayak rentals at RiversEdge Outfitters. Kayaking offers a unique blend of adventure and tranquility, allowing you to explore scenic waterways at your own pace.

Our top-of-the-line kayaks provide superior stability, maneuverability, and comfort, ensuring a safe and enjoyable journey. Whether you’re a seasoned paddler or a novice, our friendly staff is here to assist you every step of the way. Immerse yourself in nature, soak in the breathtaking views, and create lasting memories with our exceptional Dayton kayak rentals.

Embark on a Serene Water Journey With Dayton Canoe Rentals

Embark on a classic water voyage with our Dayton canoe rentals at RiversEdge Outfitters. Canoeing offers a timeless and leisurely way to traverse the picturesque Little Miami River. Glide through gentle currents, marvel at the lush surroundings, and connect with nature in a whole new way.

Our well-maintained canoes provide spaciousness and stability, making them perfect for families, friends, or couples seeking a memorable outdoor experience. Let the rhythm of your paddle strokes guide you along the river’s winding path as you forge unforgettable memories with our exceptional Dayton canoe rentals.

Conquer the Rapids in Style With Dayton Raft Rentals

Reserve your exhilarating river adventure today with our Dayton raft rentals. Get ready to navigate the gentle currents of the scenic Little Miami River on a thrilling rafting experience. Our sturdy and spacious rafts are designed to accommodate larger groups, making it the ideal choice for a fun-filled outing with friends or family.

Feel the rush of the water as you paddle through the picturesque landscapes, surrounded by nature’s beauty. Get ready for an unforgettable day of camaraderie and exploration with our exceptional Dayton raft rentals.

Everything you need for a day of kayaking near you. We offer transportation to the launch point as well as kayak and canoe rental, paddles, and life jackets.

Our larger rafts can hold 5-6 adults while our smaller ones can comfortably fit groups of up to four adults. Our raft rentals are only available for the Blue Jacket’s Best trip.

Most of the canoes that we offer for rent are made to fit two people.

The majority of our kayaks are designed for a single person, but we also have a limited amount of tandem kayaks available for rent.

Absolutely! At our canoe and kayak rental facility, we prioritize the safety and satisfaction of our customers. We understand that getting into and out of the river can be a concern, especially if you’re new to paddling or have limited experience. Rest assured, we are here to assist you every step of the way.

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will be available to provide the necessary support and guidance during your river adventure. They will assist you in carrying the canoe or kayak from our rental area to the river’s edge, ensuring a seamless transition. They can also offer instructions or demonstrations on how to properly board and stabilize your craft, ensuring you feel confident and comfortable.

When your paddling excursion comes to an end, our staff will be waiting at the riverbank to help you safely disembark. They will guide you out of the canoe or kayak and provide any assistance needed in carrying it back to our designated return area. We aim to make the process effortless for you, prioritizing your convenience and peace of mind.

Our goal is to ensure you have a fantastic experience while paddling on the river. If you have any further questions or concerns about the process of getting in and out of the river, our staff is here to help. We look forward to serving you and providing you with an unforgettable canoeing or kayaking adventure!

Why Our Customers Love Floating With Us

Our customers’ delightful experiences speak for themselves. Read on to discover the unforgettable moments and joyful memories created at RiversEdge Outfitters.

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Rivers Edge Outfitters is conveniently located at 3928 US 42, between Bellbrook and Waynesville. We are centrally located and are an hour or less drive from DaytonCincinnati, and Columbus – making us the perfect choice for a getaway day of fun. Make your reservations at RiversEdge today for all of your canoe, kayak, and raft rental needs.

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Preserving Nature’s Jewel: Join Us in Safeguarding the Little Miami River

We are committed to preserving the pristine beauty of the Little Miami River. For every boat rented, we proudly contribute $1 to support conservation efforts aimed at safeguarding this natural treasure.

By partnering with local organizations, we strive to ensure that future generations can cherish and enjoy this breathtaking jewel. With each paddle stroke, you become an active participant in our mission to protect and sustain the Little Miami’s ecosystem.

Reserve Your Equipment Today

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to embark on an unforgettable adventure with RiversEdge Outfitters. Reserve your kayak, canoe, or raft today and experience the beauty of the Little Miami River. Our friendly staff is here to assist you, providing guidance and helping you into and out of the water, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience from start to finish. Secure your equipment now and get ready to create lifelong memories in the heart of nature.

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